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Email distribution not sending with a Hybrid Exchange on-premise and Office 365 implementation

For Hybrid Exchange Office365 implementations without Azure AD connect (or AD FS – Federation) implemented. A common Exchange hybrid implementation has the MX record pointing to Office 365, with the mail domains configurated in Office 365 as internal relay, and the mail domains on-premises as authoritative. This way, if a message is sent from a […]

Data Security Notice: Meltdown and Spectre Remediation

In regards to the industry-wide processor in-memory security vulnerabilities known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre” as of 1/12/2018 the PoliteMail data security administration team has completed their analysis and is confirming there is no evidence of any use of these exploits on any PoliteMail system. CVE-2017-5715 branch target injection CVE-2017-5353 bounds check bypass CVE-2007-5754 rogue data […]

PoliteMail for Outlook 4.7 User Guide

Welcome to PoliteMail 4.7 This pdf explains how to use the PoliteMail add-in software for Microsoft Outlook. PoliteMail enables 1 to 1 email marketing, newsletters and measured communications using Outlook and Exchange. PoliteMail adds response tracking, personalized broadcast messaging, professional style HTML templates, mailing list management, plus email metrics—all to the world’s most popular email […]

Too many email addresses?

  Outlook limits the number of recipients to 500 email addresses across all fields (To, CC, and BCC) in the 2016/Office 365 version.  This could cause errors if your DL is on the larger side, so we recommend creating a PoliteMail list to send from. Outlook adds the list of recipients to the message header, which […]

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Suddenly can’t access the PoliteMail tools using any of the buttons in Outlook?

Microsoft recently made an update to Outlook that impacts all COM add-ins.  As a result, PoliteMail had trouble accessing their Settings, Lists, Content, Campaigns, and Results.  If this has impacted you, here’s how to fix it: For PoliteMail users running Version 4.7: Download the latest PoliteMail add in software. This client software will include an […]

Understanding PoliteMail Tracking Modes

PoliteMail offers three tracking modes, Aggregate, Individual and Anonymous. Aggregate Tracking and Individual/Anonymous Tracking are like apples and oranges. You are still tracking your total audience participation, but in very different ways. Aggregate mode tracks the email message, Individual and Anonymous modes will track the recipients. In Aggregate, every device and browser is counted, so […]

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