Experiencing “Slow Image Load Times”?

When viewing any email message, Outlook will usually perform multi-thread content loading (many images loading at once), but sometimes Outlook will perform single-thread content loading (one image loading at a time). How will this affect your PoliteMail tracked messages? For every PoliteMail tracked messaged, PoliteMail will supply a unique “time to read” based on the […]

Customize Server Connection Settings

You can customize your PoliteMail Server Connection settings to apply to each user when they install the tool. You can set the Server Connection settings to default to your account’s unique PoliteMail Server name and Send Email Via the Outlook Outbox or PoliteMail Server. To do this, update your account’s registry settings. These registry settings control […]

PoliteMail Server License Installation Guide

(If you have questions about the Read Image Host, please see the follow up in WHY section towards the bottom of the article) After receiving the license file from your account manager, head to the management tool. Select Actions and Import License. Select the PoliteMail license, which will be a file that ends in .license, […]

Creating the Admin PoliteMail for an Outlook User

Adding the PoliteMail Admin User Once PoliteMail Server is installed and configured, you will need to create the initial Admin user. When created, this Admin user will be able to connect to the PoliteMail Server from the PoliteMail for Outlook client software, and test the application.   First, login or RDP into the PoliteMail Server, […]

How do I determine my Exchange Server version?

How do I determine which version of Exchange Server we are running? Some features of PoliteMail and PoliteMail Server are dependent upon which version of Exchange Server you are running. You can look-up your Exchange Server version right from your Outlook desktop. With Outlook running, press and hold down the CTRL key, while right-clicking the […]

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones file To more effectively track email, the PoliteMail Server should be included within your network’s trusted zones. This is an Internet Explorer security setting which blocks content from untrusted sites, and the user will be asked to “download content from an unknown website”. To […]

How to verify your PoliteMail Server is properly configured and available over the network

How to verify your PoliteMail Server is available to users on your network Once your PoliteMail Server is installed and configured, you should verify the server is available across your network. If users are in remote locations, or those accessing your network over VPN cannot connect, then the server may not be accessible, or in […]

Why was only part of my distribution list sent to? Or PoliteMail reports all of the list as sent, but I’m only seeing a few opens?

Diagnosing Send Issues Typically when we see inconsistent send behavior, (e.g. the mailing went to 3,500 of 5,000 recipients) it is related to send permissions issues on specific Distribution Lists [DL(s)]. Often, a DL will contain sub-groups, and sometimes the permissions on those groups may be different from the container group. When sent locally (via […]

Exchange Distribution List > 10,000 won’t send, unexpected XML error

Trying to send to an Active-Directory based distribtion list of more than 10,000 which will not send? This type of list has to be expanded by the PoliteMail using Exchange EWS, when using the PolitMail Server tool to expand the list, to see an unexpected XML error when the list fails to expand fully? When […]

Links to internal sites not working in IE9? Add PoliteMail Server to Trusted Zones

If links to intranet or internal site pages are not working when sent tracked, but only for users on IE9? This is a result of a security feature in IE9 which blocks links that traverse from an untrusted zone into a trusted zone. Most likely, your own internal site domain has been included in the […]

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