EU Data Directive, January 2012 update

On 26 January 2012, the European Commission released new proposals regarding the EU Data Protection Directive (95/94/EC) and e-Privacy Directive (2009/136/EC) which came into effect 25 May 2011.  The objective is to make the data protection rules more consistent across all EU member states, making it far simplier for international businesses to understand their data obligations and comply with […]

Compliance with EU Data Directive, Individual Privacy

Within the EU certain countries have strict privacy policies which may prevent you from compiling data at the individual level. If you want to use PoliteMail to get the email metrics (opens,click, etc) but keep the individuals anonymous, you can accomplish that using Exchange Aliases for your distribution groups, and retain the ability to track […]

How do I connect the PoliteMail Server to my Exchange Server?

PoliteMail Server, whether internally installed or cloud-hosted, may be connected to deliver email direct to your Exchange Server. This is ideal for internal employee communications, as well as for keeping all email delivery within your existing email infrastructure. PoliteMail enables hands-off Exchange integration, and email is delivered to Exchange via an SMTP Smarthost connection (sometime […]

PoliteMail Server Performance Benchmark

Sending tracked PoliteMail messages changes the standard Outlook/Exchange send process. Our tracking process adds 0.015 sec per message, depending upon system configuration (this time is based upon a limited configuration, detailed below). When sending to lists > 1,500, PoliteMail should be configured to send via the PoliteMail Server, and the PoliteMail Server will then be […]

How to set-up your server system to run PoliteMail Server software

PoliteMail In-House Server License Implementations When installating a PoliteMail Server system in-house behind your firewall, your IS team will need to setup a Windows IIS Server (VM or dedicated) and connect to a SQL Server database (or allocate space on the corporate cluster). Once the systems are prepared, you may run the PoliteMail Server installer […]

PoliteMail Server Manager Guide

Welcome to PoliteMail Server This pdf file explains how to install and configure the PoliteMail Server software on a Microsoft Windows IIS Server system. This document covers creating the databases and establishing the connection with SQL and Exchange, to adding users and configuration the system for operation. Download the PoliteMail Server Manager Guide

Optimizing the PoliteMail Server

As a benchmark, in our standard local network configuration of PoliteMail Server, Exchange Server and SQL Server, sending to a list of 10,000 takes about 5 seconds to process and sending to initiate. If you’re configuration processes more slowly, it may impact the user (Outlook will be non-responsive) and the email delivery may take too […]

EU e-Privacy Directive and Email Tracking

As of May 25, 2011 European countries are required to implement the new e-Privacy Directive (2009/136/EC). Essentially, the EU Directive is for the privacy and protection of all personal data collected for or about employees and citizens of the EU. The data controller must obtain consent for such data collection and give notice of such […]

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