PoliteMail for Outlook 4.7 User Guide

Welcome to PoliteMail 4.7 This pdf explains how to use the PoliteMail add-in software for Microsoft Outlook. PoliteMail enables 1 to 1 email marketing, newsletters and measured communications using Outlook and Exchange. PoliteMail adds response tracking, personalized broadcast messaging, professional style HTML templates, mailing list management, plus email metrics—all to the world’s most popular email […]

Customize Server Connection Settings

Once PoliteMail is installed, the server connections need to be adjusted.  This will allow for the most seamless use of the application. A temporary password will be emailed to you as well as your unique PoliteMail server address.  Make sure to update your password and set the server right away. Next, make sure to set […]

PoliteMail API

The PoliteMail API is an ODATA Service using the RESTful architecture The PoliteMail Server application provides an Application Programmers Interface (API) which allows you to create programs to utilize PoliteMail functions, without the PoliteMail for Outlook client. Common uses include uploading lists and content (templates), sending tracked email, or downloading email metrics reports for display […]

PoliteMail v4 Quick Start Guide

How to get started with PoliteMail v4 This pdf document provides an overview of the tools PoliteMail adds to Outlook, along with instructions for how to: Connect to the PoliteMail Server Send a tracked email message from Outlook Create HTML templates and email messages Measure Results and see email metrics

PoliteMail User Types for Role-Based Administration

User Types defines the level of access and sharing the user has within the system. There are three types: Admin: The Admin, or Administration has account wide access to all Users, Content (templates and images), and Lists. Admin users may access any other User’s reports, view, and edit any content or lists. Only an Admin […]

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones file To more effectively track email, the PoliteMail Server should be included within your network’s trusted zones. This is an Internet Explorer security setting which blocks content from untrusted sites, and the user will be asked to “download content from an unknown website”. To […]

Managing multiple inboxes in Outlook

By default, PoliteMail will monitor your primary Outlook inbox folder for any replies, out-of-office messages and undeliverables related to tracked sends. If you are managing or sending from multiple mailboxes, you have the ability to let PoliteMail know to monitor those inboxes for incoming messages. Go to PoliteMail > Account Settings > Preferences Scroll down […]

How to set-up your server system to run PoliteMail Server software

PoliteMail In-House Server License Implementations When installating a PoliteMail Server system in-house behind your firewall, your IS team will need to setup a Windows IIS Server (VM or dedicated) and connect to a SQL Server database (or allocate space on the corporate cluster). Once the systems are prepared, you may run the PoliteMail Server installer […]

How Does Tracking Work?

PoliteMail, like all email marketing software, uses standard web-page image tracking to determine opens. Therefore, email open tracking is actually a result of the recipient displaying the images within the email. It is the image referenced from the PoliteMail Server that enables measurement of the open, and no other user interaction is required (unlike a […]

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