Changing an Image or Smart Attachment after a message is sent

This process will work whether or not the email has been opened. To change an Image or Smart Attachment after a tracked message has been sent: Go to the PoliteMail tab > Content > Images > Smart Attachments Select the Image or Smart Attachment that needs to change and select Actions > Replace     Note: This […]

Changing a URL on a sent message

To change a URL after a tracked message has been sent: Navigate to Outlook > Politemail > Content > Links Select the Link Select the Edit button Scroll to the URL column and make any necessary changes by clicking into the field and editing the existing link.       Select Update to save the change. Any recipient that opens […]

Adding calendar invites to a tracked message

To insert an Outlook calendar Meeting invite as a Smart Attachment: Open your Outlook Calendar> New Meeting Add all details, date, time etc. As the meeting creator, this will only work once the meeting invitation has been sent to at least one person. Send the email to yourself and verify that it appears on your Outlook […]

How to Edit Template Content

To access the Template Builder and all of the features that come with it, open a new email email in Outlook. Select the PoliteMail tab > Templates > Template Builder To create or edit a Brand Theme: Inside of the Template builder, select New.  (For saved brand themes, simply choose the theme from the drop-down.) Set your brand themes by […]

Archiving Messages

To archive messages and set when they will stop collecting data, open Outlook > PoliteMail > Settings > Archiving PoliteMail will automatically compile interactions into final reports once the send date reaches the Archive age you set.  Real-time metrics will be still be available during the duration of the campaign. To enable archiving of messages, set […]

How to Run a Test Send – Stop/Spool/Start Method

You can test your PoliteMail sends before releasing them to your full list of recipients. To do this, you must first be set to send email via the PoliteMail server in your Server Connection dialog. Then, follow the steps below: Select PoliteMail Settings > My Profile Click on View Server Information at the bottom of […]

A/B Testing

To run an A/B test, you will first need to import your list into PoliteMail. Instructions on how to create lists in PoliteMail can be found here: PoliteMail provides tools to help you manage your mailing lists. You can combine and merge lists, subtract lists, or split lists into pieces to conduct A/B testing. Here’s […]

Adding a Simple Survey or Poll

From the PoliteMail ribbon, select Feedback. Select which type of survey you would like to use. Type your question into the Question text box that pops up. Click Add. You will receive a pop up that asks if you would like to make the survey a poll. Select Yes or No. If using the poll function, the […]

Adding Images to a message

Here’s how to Add an Image: Select Outlook > New Email > PoliteMail > Add Image and choose Add Image from the bottom of the drop-down Select your image file and click Open. The image will automatically be saved in the Content Library. Any images you have previously used will be available for reuse within the drop down of the Add […]

Social Link Tracking

Social Link Tracking allows you to track metrics, such as click throughs, for links posted outside of PoliteMail. For example, you can generate a tracked link for your website, put it in a Twitter or Facebook post, and view the results in PoliteMail. To use Social Link Tracking, click on the icon in your main […]

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