Too many email addresses?

  Outlook limits the number of recipients to 500 email addresses across all fields (To, CC, and BCC) in the 2016/Office 365 version.  This could cause errors if your DL is on the larger side, so we recommend creating a PoliteMail list to send from. Outlook adds the list of recipients to the message header, which […]

Exporting PoliteMail mailing lists

To export a PoliteMail Mailing List: Go to the PoliteMail >Lists Select the list for export by clicking the box in the first column From the Actions drop down menu choose export all Select Save This will bring up a save file dialog box. Choose the location, filename and file format. The default file type is an […]

Managing Undelivered Messages

To view or export your list of all undeliverables: Select PoliteMail > Lists > Undeliverable PoliteMail manages undeliverable email for you automatically.  It removes any undeliverable messages from your Inbox, places them into the Undeliverables folder (added to your Outlook Mail Folders, below the Inbox and Sent Items) and tracks any hard bounces (undeliverable error […]

Export Undeliverable List

To view or export your list of all undeliverables: Select PoliteMail > Lists > Undeliverable > Export

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