Email distribution not sending with a Hybrid Exchange on-premise and Office 365 implementation

For Hybrid Exchange Office365 implementations without Azure AD connect (or AD FS – Federation) implemented. A common Exchange hybrid implementation has the MX record pointing to Office 365, with the mail domains configurated in Office 365 as internal relay, and the mail domains on-premises as authoritative. This way, if a message is sent from a […]

Data Security Notice: Meltdown and Spectre Remediation

In regards to the industry-wide processor in-memory security vulnerabilities known as “Meltdown” and “Spectre” as of 1/12/2018 the PoliteMail data security administration team has completed their analysis and is confirming there is no evidence of any use of these exploits on any PoliteMail system. CVE-2017-5715 branch target injection CVE-2017-5353 bounds check bypass CVE-2007-5754 rogue data […]

Suddenly can’t access the PoliteMail tools using any of the buttons in Outlook?

Microsoft recently made an update to Outlook that impacts all COM add-ins.  As a result, PoliteMail had trouble accessing their Settings, Lists, Content, Campaigns, and Results.  If this has impacted you, here’s how to fix it: For PoliteMail users running Version 4.7: Download the latest PoliteMail add in software. This client software will include an […]

Reverse Proxy Configuration for Mobile Data Collection – On Premise Server Implementations

Q – Does PoliteMail need external connectivity (outside the firewall) to get mobile enabled? A – No, however PoliteMail does require certain https traffic from the internet to reach the PoliteMail Server. The bottom line is that HTTPS traffic originating from the mobile device has to reach the PoliteMail Server for it to be measured. […]

Templates or messages not holding font styling?

If you are using Outlook 2016 with PoliteMail you may notice that certain font style revisions such as font size, bold/italic or font color may not hold within your templates or email messages. These same messages may view as revised on systems running older versions of Outlook. Microsoft Outlook 2016 combines style/theme code for fonts […]

Changing an Image or Smart Attachment after a message is sent

This process will work whether or not the email has been opened. To change an Image or Smart Attachment after a tracked message has been sent: Go to the PoliteMail tab > Content > Images > Smart Attachments Select the Image or Smart Attachment that needs to change and select Actions > Replace     Note: This […]

Changing a URL on a sent message

To change a URL after a tracked message has been sent: Navigate to Outlook > Politemail > Content > Links Select the Link Select the Edit button Scroll to the URL column and make any necessary changes by clicking into the field and editing the existing link.       Select Update to save the change. Any recipient that opens […]

Images not scaling within templates

If you are using a PoliteMail template and images are not scaling while the text and table are, you can use the mo_re100% fix that allows the images to scale with text and table. To fix, add mo_re100% without quotes to the alt text of the image. Right click the image and click format picture. […]

PoliteMail API

The PoliteMail API is an ODATA Service using the RESTful architecture The PoliteMail Server application provides an Application Programmers Interface (API) which allows you to create programs to utilize PoliteMail functions, without the PoliteMail for Outlook client. Common uses include uploading lists and content (templates), sending tracked email, or downloading email metrics reports for display […]

Image sizing and layout alignment issues

My HTML email layout looked fine when I sent it, but when received by some people, the images are the wrong size or the layout is no longer lined up properly Are recipients sending you screen shots of poorly laid-out emails, when you know you sent them correctly? This is likely due to Windows Text-Scaling […]

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