Adding, replacing and deleting users

Note: To perform any of these tasks, you must have Admin privileges.  If you are not an Admin, please contact your local Administrator for assistance. To add, delete, or replace a user there are a few simple steps to follow.  However before taking any action, we recommend double-checking the number of licenses you have available […]

PoliteMail Server License Installation Guide

(If you have questions about the Read Image Host, please see the follow up in WHY section towards the bottom of the article) After receiving the license file from your account manager, head to the management tool. Select Actions and Import License. Select the PoliteMail license, which will be a file that ends in .license, […]

On-prem? Run the PoliteMail prereq script to prepare for installation

*Please note the prereq script needs a minimum of 1 GB of RAM to run.* You should have received a download link for the prereq script from your Implementation Specialist. If not, email for the link. Copy and paste the prereq script to the server on which you will be installing the software. Extract the file […]

How to Unlock Users

If you are on v4.53 of PoliteMail, any Admin can unlock users directly. If a user locks their account from entering an incorrect password too many times, follow the steps below: Go to your PoliteMail Settings > Users If the user is locked out, the ‘Enabled’ column will be unchecked Click on ‘Edit’ in the far right […]

Creating the Admin PoliteMail for an Outlook User

Adding the PoliteMail Admin User Once PoliteMail Server is installed and configured, you will need to create the initial Admin user. When created, this Admin user will be able to connect to the PoliteMail Server from the PoliteMail for Outlook client software, and test the application.   First, login or RDP into the PoliteMail Server, […]

Why didn’t my send go out to all the recipients of my distribution group, just part of it?

Why did only a partial list receive my email when it all shows in my sent items? This problem is typically one of three issues which may occur when running Exchange 2010: 1) The user (or PoliteMail Service Account “user”) does not have adequate permissions to expand or send to the list Symptoms: The user […]

PoliteMail Free Trial vs. PoliteMail Pilot Program, What’s the Difference? Why doesn’t the free trial software for my internal communications send to MS Exchange?

Why doesn’t the free trial software work for my internal communications sends? PoliteMail offers a free trial download which allows you to send 100 tracked email messages. This enables you to experience the product inside of Outlook, and get a feel for how simple it is to use and how the tracking works. You will […]

Integrate your web analytics tracking tools with PoliteMail tracking

PoliteMail provides a feature which enables analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Webtrends, or Adobe Analytics to track your email traffic by campaign. Often, these visitors will arrive at your site because of a link within an email message you sent. PoliteMail will tell you which and how many of these email recipients clicked a particular link […]

Compliance with EU Data Directive, Individual Privacy

Within the EU certain countries have strict privacy policies which may prevent you from compiling data at the individual level. If you want to use PoliteMail to get the email metrics (opens,click, etc) but keep the individuals anonymous, you can accomplish that using Exchange Aliases for your distribution groups, and retain the ability to track […]

Sending From Another Email Address

To send from multiple email addresses, you may need to set-up multiple Exchange (or POP) email accounts, either for managing email and calendars for an Executive, an alternate email account for yourself, or when using a common a group mailbox. The delegate method is best used when you are authorized to have direct access to the […]

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