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Experiencing “Slow Image Load Times”?

When viewing any email message, Outlook will usually perform multi-thread content loading (many images loading at once), but sometimes Outlook will perform single-thread content loading (one image loading at a time). How will this affect your PoliteMail tracked messages? For every PoliteMail tracked messaged, PoliteMail will supply a unique “time to read” based on the […]

Saving a sent message as a PDF

Please note that you should always work with the sent message from the sent folder, to utilize the message before the PoliteMail server has processed and referenced the email. In the Sent Outlook folder, open the sent email to be saved as a PDF Click to place your cursor into the body of the email […]

PoliteMail Best Practices

Sending email via your Outlook Outbox If you are required to send PoliteMail tracked messages “via Your Outlook Outbox” there are specific behaviors that users should be aware of. The recipient count should not exceed 1,000-1,500 email addresses for best performance. Sending PoliteMail tracked messages to distribution lists greater than 1,000-1,500 recipients will take a […]

Disabling ScreenTips in Outlook

The Problem: When hovering your mouse over an actionable item in Outlook, a contextual mini-window, known as a ScreenTip, appears which will open Outlook Help if clicked. This can be annoying. To disable ScreenTips within Outlook, simply go to File > Options and change the ScreenTip style setting to “Don’t show ScreenTips“, then click OK. […]

How to remove tracking from a link

If you would like to enable PoliteMail tracking on a message, but would like certain links to NOT be tracked, simply add ?notrack=true to the end of the URL. For example,

Geographic Location Data

PoliteMail Geographic Reporting PoliteMail v4.5 will now convert recipient IP address information into geographic data, so you may view a map of your open and click interactions. This map view enables drill-down to a city level view. In anonymous and aggregate tracking modes, PoliteMail will store the longitude and latitude data from the IP conversion […]

Is PoliteMail compatible with a Mac?

Use of PoliteMail requires the Windows desktop version of Office. PoliteMail does not work with Outlook online/Office 365, or with Office for Mac. Microsoft does not support any add-ins for Office for Mac.

Writing Outlook compatible HTML code for email pages

Custom coding HTML pages to send via Outlook is NOT the same as coding a web page Rules of the road for coding HTML pages to send in Outlook First, understand that sending an HTML page to Outlook, is not the same as sending an HTML page from Outlook. When you send HTML from Outlook, […]

PoliteMail Version 4.5 Build Sheet

  PoliteMail v4.5 Release Notes: Jan 1/21/15 build 1/14/15: Updates to feature requests Description Work Item Status Import Outlook or Exchange DL into PM mailing list Feature Request 764 Complete Enable Personalization in Anonymous Tracking Feature Request 41, 279 Complete Disable ability to create duplicate list name, content names Feature Request 245 Complete Add support […]

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