Geographic Location Data

PoliteMail Geographic Reporting PoliteMail v4.5 will now convert recipient IP address information into geographic data, so you may view a map of your open and click interactions. This map view enables drill-down to a city level view. In anonymous and aggregate tracking modes, PoliteMail will store the longitude and latitude data from the IP conversion […]

Contacting Support

Contacting Support If you are experiencing technical issues with your PoliteMail account, please reach out to our technical support team. In your main PoliteMail tab, click on the Request Support icon. This will generate an email with your account information and an error log for our technical support team to use in troubleshooting the issue. […]

Is PoliteMail compatible with a Mac?

Use of PoliteMail requires the Windows desktop version of Office. PoliteMail does not work with Outlook online/Office 365, or with Office for Mac. Microsoft does not support any add-ins for Office for Mac.

Images not scaling within templates

If you are using a PoliteMail template and images are not scaling while the text and table are, you can use the mo_re100% fix that allows the images to scale with text and table. To fix, add “mo_re100%” (without quotes) to the alt text of the image. Right click the image and click format picture […]

Why didn’t my send go out to all the recipients of my distribution group, just part of it?

Why did only a partial list receive my email when it all shows in my sent items? This problem is typically one of three issues which may occur when running Exchange 2010: 1) The user (or PoliteMail Service Account “user”) does not have adequate permissions to expand or send to the list Symptoms: The user […]

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones

How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones file To more effectively track email, the PoliteMail Server should be included within your network’s trusted zones. This is an Internet Explorer security setting which blocks content from untrusted sites, and the user will be asked to “download content from an unknown website”. To […]

How to verify your PoliteMail Server is properly configured and available over the network

How to verify your PoliteMail Server is available to users on your network Once your PoliteMail Server is installed and configured, you should verify the server is available across your network. If users are in remote locations, or those accessing your network over VPN cannot connect, then the server may not be accessible, or in […]

The send to my Outlook distribution group failed to go out. Why?

Why did the send to my Outlook distribution group fail to go out? Because PoliteMail does individual tracked sending, it changes the standard Outlook-to-Exchange distribution method. The sender must have permissions to access members of the distribution list. Depending upon your system configuration, either the Outlook user account (From Address) or the PoliteMail Server Service […]

Why was only part of my distribution list sent to? Or PoliteMail reports all of the list as sent, but I’m only seeing a few opens?

Diagnosing Send Issues Typically when we see inconsistent send behavior, (e.g. the mailing went to 3,500 of 5,000 recipients) it is related to send permissions issues on specific Distribution Lists [DL(s)]. Often, a DL will contain sub-groups, and sometimes the permissions on those groups may be different from the container group. When sent locally (via […]

How do I remove the warning message: A program is trying to access data from Outlook, allow this?

When running the PoliteMail Add-in, if you recieve the following warning message: A Program is trying to access data from Outlook that may include address book information. Do you want to allow this?  Allow Deny Help The best solution to this issue is to run up-to-date anti-virus software on the local machine This warning is […]

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