How to verify your PoliteMail Server is available to users on your network

Once your PoliteMail Server is installed and configured, you should verify the server is available across your network.

If users are in remote locations, or those accessing your network over VPN cannot connect, then the server may not be accessible, or in the proper network zone.

To determine if the PoliteMail Server is accessible from a network location

Users can determine if they can access the PoliteMail Server by starting Internet Explorer, and typing the full URL address of the PoliteMail Server into the IE address field. (e.g. or

If you see the “Loading…” text in the IE window, your PoliteMail Server is accessible.

Please note, SLL is used by default for PoliteMail Corporate Cloud Servers. For in-house servers, you may elect not to install an SSL certificate, in which case, you would only use http:// and not https:// in the URL address.

Tracked links not working?

In order to track recipient email, all receipts must be able to access the PoliteMail Server, and it is best for the server to be included within your IE Trusted Zones file.

In the case where recipients report that they can not access tracked links (e.g. you’re links don’t work, or, your links go to a blank page), that usually means they can not access the PoliteMail Server from their network location, or the server is not included within the trusted zones. Sometimes this could be related to a firewall or load-balancer configuration issue.

To determine if the PoliteMail Server is within the Trusted Zones

Try this, have the recipient follow the instructions above and type URL address of your PoliteMail server into the IE  http:// address field (at the top). Once you have the loading page, then right-click on the page, and select “Properties”


The PoliteMail Server should be included within the Trusted Zones.   If it is not, follow this article.