How to add the PoliteMail Server to your IE Trusted Zones file

To more effectively track email, the PoliteMail Server should be included within your network’s trusted zones.

This is an Internet Explorer security setting which blocks content from untrusted sites, and the user will be asked to “download content from an unknown website”. To avoid this, and enable automatic content download and open tracking for internal email, place the PoliteMail Server name into the trusted zones file.

Many companies will already have a wildcard subdomain entry to cover any internal sites (e.g. https://* ). If you create a subdomain for the PoliteMail Server on a primary domain already included within your Trusted Zones files, then the PoliteMail Server will be implicitly trusted and no other changes need be made.

Otherwise, if the PoliteMail Server subdomain is not contained within an already trusted wildcard domain, then the domain name may be manually added to the trusted zones file on an individual machine (to test the result). However, is it best to implement this company wide using Group Policy [GPO].

To see the list of existing trusted zones within your network

Start IE, then put the PoliteMail Server domain name into the IE address field. You should see a “Loading…” message. Now use IE > Tools > Internet Options > Security tab, and click Trusted Sites, then the Sites button below.

To Manually Add a Site to the Trusted Zones

Follow the instructions above to see the list of trusted zones, then type the full URL domain name for the PoliteMail Server (including http:// or https:// ) into the Add this website to the zone field, and click the Add button.

For more information on Group Policy see: Use Group Policy to Add Trusted Sites to IE9

Use Group Policy to Set Trusted Sites:

  1. In Group Policy Management, load the Trusted Sites Zone template
  2. Under User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Internet Control Panel > Security Page, click Site to Zone Assignment List
  3. Click Enabled.
  4. Click Show.
  5. Click Add.
  6. In the Enter the name of the item to be added field, put in the domain name of your PoliteMail Tracking server
    (e.g. )
  7. In the Enter the value of the item to be added, enter the number 2 (2 = Trusted Sites)
  8. Click OK

Allow time for GPO to refresh, This change will take effect upon the users next workstation restart. You may also run a group update on the workstations for the policy to take effect.