Add or Remove Template Elements

Templates expand or shrink to fit your content. In many cases, you can simply select, copy/cut and paste to add and remove elements within the template. While the Outlook editor provides some table tools, it is not an HTML page layout program; therefore, editing layouts can be a trial and error process.  For some templates, you may have to select individual table elements and use the following process to duplicate or move them.

To select and duplicate a table element:

  1. Click into the table, then click the move handle icon in the upper left corner to select all, then press Ctrl+C (or right-click) to copy.
  2. Place the cursor below the sub-table element (not within it) by pressing the right-arrow key on the keyboard, followed by the down-arrow key.
  3. Now paste and a duplicate of the item should be properly inserted into your email.
To duplicate or move a table element, first click into the element you want to copy or move, then click the move handle to select all, then copy (Ctrl+C) or cut (Ctrl+X).Now position the cursor where you want the table element to go. To place it above or below another table element, click into that element, then click the move handle, and press the
right-arrow key followed by the down-arrow (or up-arrow) key
, and then paste. The arrow keys will properly position the cursor outside of and below (or above) the selected table
element, resulting in proper placement of the new table.