An Outlook meeting request/calendar item is not an email message, so PoliteMail can’t track it the same way.

Here is the workaround:

1. Save a calendar item file (.ics or .vcs file) for the meeting
a. Add the meeting or event to your Outlook Calendar
b. Select the meeting, and use Outlook File > Save As
c. Choose iCalendar format (compatible with mobile/apple and newer versions of Outlook)
or vCalendar format (compatible with Outlook) and save

2. Create a new Outlook message, including the calendar item
a. Use PoliteMail SmartAttachment to add the calendar item as a link, and you can change the text of the link to read:
Add ‘this event’ to your Calendar
b. Use PoliteMail Simple Survey tool to add an RSVP question to your message, select the Yes/No/Maybe option to
track accepts and declines

3. After sending the message, use Track Results to monitor Yes/No/Maybe answers and people who clicked the calendar item to add it to their own calendars. You may also use the follow-up tools to resend reminders to those who answered Maybe, and last minute event reminders to those who said Yes or added the appointment.