Sending PoliteMail Messages

“Why didn’t they open my email?”

An open doesn’t tell you if your recipient actually read your email or not. What it does tell you is your recipient displayed the pictures within the email. Becuase the majority of email programs (including Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail) block images by default and just show a gray box with a red-X instead of an image, you will not receive an open notification for the majority of the messages you send.

The email industry average open rate is between 15-20%, but most PoliteMail users see open rates in the 25-40% range, primarily because they are sending authentic, individual messages from Outlook.

Therefore, opens are not a measure of who read your email, as people may read without images (ensuring their privacy). Open confirmations do indicate those people who definitely saw your email content, and multiple opens indicate a higher engagement level with your message(s).

To receive an open notification, your recipient must click here to download pictures at the top of the email message, or have your address in their address book or safe sender’s list for pictures to display automatically.