Getting Outlook bullet lists to display and format properly, when viewed in non-Outlook email clients, or when sending via PoliteMail Server

Outlook and Word use an unusual method to create bullet lists, so when those lists are converted to HTML, they often display strangely.

The best option here, is NOT to use the Outlook/Word controls to create a bullet list. The best way to avoid this, is to start by pasting in standard HTML bullet list code into your email, then editing the list items with your own content.

The simplest way to get this is to copy it from a default PoliteMail template.

  1. Start a New Outlook message
  2. Use PoliteMail > Template Builder
  3. Place the default template into Outlook (you should see the bullet list within the preview
  4. Copy and paste the list from the PoliteMail template into your own page
  5. Use the Outlook controls to modify fonts/colors and content of that list

If you know how to code in HTML, with your message open in the Outlook editor, use PoliteMail > Edit HTML, then find your list within the Word/HTML code, then simplify the code to the standard HTML format:

Standard HTML bullet list code looks like this:

  • Item One
  • Item Two
  • Item Three

Or a numbered list looks like this:

  1. Item One
  2. Item Two
  3. Item Three