Creating Messages and Using Email Templates

Reusing Saved Smart Attachments

When Smart Attachments are added to your email, the file is stored in your PoliteMail Content Library for easy reuse, and these files are accessible to other members of your team when multiple licenses are installed within your PoliteMail account. For example, once a user adds your product brochure pdf, the file will be available to other users on the system.  If you revise and replace a Smart Attachment within the Content Library, the file will be updated automatically for any future access by your recipients–a great way to fix typos or change pricing!

To reuse a Smart Attachment from your Content Library:

  1. In the Outlook editor place the cursor where you want the file link.
  2. Open the Attachments folder in the Content Library and double-click on the name of the file you want. To search for a file, click Content Library and select Search Library.
  3. The link will appear in the body of the message.