Geolocation Mapping

Now see where your opens and clicks are coming from.


Key Metrics Over Time & Read-Time Charting

More visualization options for more intuitive analysis.

Metrics Over Time

Modernized Data Grid Controls

Adjustable data columns (with memory) allow you to create your own list views.

Grid Controls

Filtering, Sorting and Exporting

Grid views now contain key metrics and enable filtering, sorting and exporting of all data and calculated fields.


Report Archiving and Data Caching

For faster, more efficient email metrics reporting, with automatic database growth controls.

Report Archiving

More Mobile Responsive Designs

Create more modern, flexible email layouts that read well on desktops and mobile devices.

Mobile Responsive Designs

RESTful API and ODATA connectivity

Create custom applications or Excel PowerView mash-ups using PoliteMail functionality & data.