You can test your PoliteMail sends before releasing them to your full list of recipients. To do this, you must first be set to send email via the PoliteMail server in your Server Connection dialog.


Then, follow the steps below:

Select PoliteMail Settings > My Profile

Click on View Server Information at the bottom of the page


  • Below SMTP Services, click on ‘STOP’
    • Make sure there are no messages waiting in the queue before clicking ‘STOP’
  • Send the message you would like to test**
    • As long as the status is stopped, the message will not send
    • **Note: ANY Admin user can START the service during this test, so you should communicate that you are running a test with all Admin users before testing
  • Go back to the View Server Information page and check the number of messages in the queue. The number of messages in the queue will be the number of messages that will be submitted for delivery. If the count is correct, expansion and email message creation has worked correctly.


If you would like to send the message to all recipients, click ‘START.’ Confirm that the status changes to ‘Started.’


If you would not like to send the message to all recipients, click ‘EMPTY QUEUE.’