Creating and Saving Templates

Any message in your Outlook editor can be saved as a reusable template using the PoliteMail > Save As Template command.

Save as template

Templates are saved in the Content Library and can be reloaded into the Outlook editor by clicking on the templates drop-down within the message and selecting the template name.

You may manage templates in the Content Library. From the inbox, use PoliteMail > Content > Templates button to access the content library manager. Use the Actions button to share templates with other PoliteMail users within your account, or double-click a template name to load it into the Outlook editor. You may also add and remove templates from this view.

PoliteMail also has a Template Builder that allows you to create mobile responsive templates with various format options to choose from. To use the Template Builder, click on Templates > Template Builder within your PoliteMail message tab.

Template Builder

First, set your Theme. This is the color and font scheme of your template. Next, use the slide bars to choose your Header and Body formats. You can also add a Subhead, Footer, or Outside Footer. Add more sections to your body by clicking on the Add button and choosing the format with the slide bar. Once your theme and format is set, click on Place Page in Outlook Editor.

Template Builder 2

You can then change the content of your message (text and images) and Save as Template when ready.

How to Edit Content in Templates

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not copy a sent message and save as a new template – the template will to fail to load because of HTML formatting issues.
  • Be careful with overwriting existing templates, they are not recoverable.