Outlook does not offer the ability to embed videos in an email message. An effective workaround for this issue is to place an image placeholder or thumbnail into the message and add a hyperlink that will direct the recipient to the content via an online video hosting site such as YouTube. In addition, sending this message with PoliteMail tracking enabled will provide senders with accurate click rate metrics of the hyperlinked thumbnail.

To add a hyperlink to a YouTube video to a thumbnail, input the thumbnail either by using the PoliteMail Add Image feature or Outlook’s standard Insert Picture method. Note that there are considerations for each method, for more information reference this Knowledge Base article regarding adding images to your messages here.

Once the thumbnail has been placed into the message, right-click the thumbnail and select Hyperlink.

Thumbnail image

A window called “Insert Hyperlink” will appear.

Enter the link to the web-hosted video content into the Address field and click OK.


Check if the hyperlink was successfully inserted by hovering over the thumbnail.

Hyperlink 2