Q – Can an Outlook calendar invite be added to a tracked message?
A – Yes, however PoliteMail cannot insert an invite directly from the Outlook calendar, so use the steps below.

To insert an Outlook calendar Meeting invite as a Smart Attachment:

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar
  2. Click New Meeting
  3. Add all details, date, time etc.
  4. As the meeting creator, this will only work once the meeting invitation has been sent to at least one person. Send the email to yourself and verify that it appears on your Outlook calendar
  5. Open the calendar item by double-clicking on it
  6. Choose File > Save As
  7. Name the invite file and be sure that the file format is .ics
  8. Click Save (save the file locally)
  9. Open the email message to include the invite
  10. From the PoliteMail tab in the message window, choose Smart Attachment and select the .ics stored calendar meeting file
  11. This will insert the calendar invite as a smart attachment.
  12. If you make any changes to the Meeting invite, changes will be sent out to any recipients that accepted the meeting invite from the sent email.

Note: When the email is received and the smart attachment is clicked on, it should open to the recipient’s outlook calendar and allow them to accept or deny the invite. If the file format does not have an application associated, the recipient may need to save the .ics file and then click on it, to bring up the calendar invite.

Article written by Rose Censullo, August 2017