Q – Can a URL be changed after sending a tracked message?
A – Yes, if you want to avoid resending an email and you learn of the URL being wrong early on, you can change the link for all sent emails, whether opened or not.

To change a URL after a tracked message has been sent:

  1. Go to the PoliteMail tab within your Outlook window
  2. From the Content pull down menu choose Links
  3. Locate the link you want to change by sorting or searching
  4. Click the box in the first column to Select the Link



5. Scroll over to the right and click the Edit button
6. Scroll back to the “URL” Column and click into the field to change it (you can click the ‘X” to delete the current URL then type or paste in the replacement URL)





7. Scroll back to the right and click the Update button to save the change.

Now, any recipient that opens or re-opens the email and clicks on the link will be brought to the revised URL location. The text within the email itself will not change.

Note: This process should only be used for typed URLs and hyperlinks within a sent message, not smart attachments or image reference links. To change Smart attachments or image references for a sent email see this article.

Written by Rose Censullo, August 2017