Q – Can an Image or Smart Attachment be changed after sending a tracked message?
A – Yes, if you want to avoid resending an email and you learn of the change early on, you can change for all sent emails, whether opened or not.

To change an Image or Smart Attachment after a tracked message has been sent:

  1. Go to the PoliteMail tab within your Outlook window
  2. From the Content drop down menu choose Images or Smart Attachments
  3. Locate the Image or Smart Attachment to be changed by sorting or searching
  4. Click the box in the first column to Select the Image or Smart Attachment
  5. From the Actions drop down menu choose Replace






6. Locate the replacement file on the computer/network, select the file and click on Open

Now, any recipient that opens or re-opens the email will see the replaced image or access the replaced smart attachment. (The text within the email itself will not change.)

Note: This process is available for images and smart attachments. If you want to change a URL see this article.


Written by Rose Censullo, August 2017