Q – Can a PoliteMail mailing list be exported?
A – Yes, see steps below.

To export a PoliteMail Mailing List:

    1. Go to the PoliteMail tab in the Outlook window
    2. Click on the Lists icon
    3. Locate the list to export (sort or search)
    4. Select the list for export by clicking the box in the first column





 5. Double-click on the list to expand it – the contacts associated with the list will display
6. To select all contacts, click the selection box in the first column of the top row
7. From the Actions drop down menu choose export all






 8. Click Save

9. This will bring up a save file dialog box. Choose the location, filename and file format. The default file type is an excel spreadsheet. Click Save once all fields are complete to save the exported list of contacts.


Written by Rose Censullo, August 2017