This is a great tool to use before sending a tracked message. You can verify the total number of recipients before sending a tracked email and make sure that everyone is included.

Like the Preflight Test Send  – this is a great tool to check before sending a tracked email.

To check the recipient count of an email message:Get Recipient Count

  1. With the email message window open, go to the Message tab
  2. From the PoliteMail Flag drop down menu choose Get Recipient Count (4.6 users see Note 1)
  3. A box will appear with the total number of recipients (duplicates are not included – see Note 2)
  4. Click OK


  1. If using version 4.6 of PoliteMail, Get Recipient Count can be found under the PoliteMail tab in the message window. Look to the right side of the ribbon. This function moved to under the PoliteMail flag in 4.7.
  2. PoliteMail only sends to unique email addresses and will remove any duplicate email addresses that may be included in multiple distribution lists. The recipient count will match the unique number of recipients and will not include duplicates.



Written by Rose Censullo, August 2017