In order to best explain the Engaged read rate, below are descriptions of all the read rates, although they appear in different places on the metrics report. Note that any email viewed in the Outlook preview pane is also considered an open.

  • Ignored = Any opened email for less than 3 seconds
  • Skimmed = Any opened email from 3 seconds to 30% of the calculated read rate (read rate is the calculated read time noted toward the top of the chart)
  • Read rate = Any opened email for at least 30% or more of the of the calculated read rate
  • Engaged read rate = Any opened email for 50% or more of the calculated read rate


The Engagement rate is basically a feel-good type of metric that combines formulas used for the Attention rate and Effective rate. The formula is quite long and is = Average Read Time/Time to Read + (1-Average Read Time/Time to Read) X Click Through Rate.

If the first part of the formula – the average Read Time is greater than the calculated time to read you will get a 100%, as PoliteMail will never report a higher percentage than 100% for this value.

The Engaged read rate represents those recipients that really were engaged enough to keep the email open for over 50% of the calculated read time. The higher this number, the more engaged your readers truly are with the content.