Sending From: (PoliteMail Server)

To overcome ISP send limitations or to free up Outlook during large list sends, change PoliteMail’s Send Email Via: setting.

When PoliteMail > Connection Settings > PoliteMail Server is configured to Send Via: the PoliteMail mail server, the mail is NOT put into your outbox when you click Send, but instead goes to the PoliteMail Server to be sent. Your email always will be sent from the name and email address your PoliteMail account is registered under. You can change the From: display name and email address using the PoliteMail > Account Settings page.

Corporate Accounts may configure the PoliteMail Server to send through a separate marketing mail server, or through Exchange. This allows users to off-load the mail processing for large list sends to the PoliteMail Server, freeing up Outlook to enable regular email correspondance while the list being sent.