Outlook limits the number of recipients to 500 email addresses across all fields (To, CC, and BCC) in the 2016/Office 365 version.  This could cause errors if your DL is on the larger side, so we recommend creating a PoliteMail list to send from.

Outlook adds the list of recipients to the message header, which will increase the size of the message.  By utilizing using a PoliteMail list, we will reference the recipients from our server thus keeping the message header small and allowing larger recipient lists.

Note: PoliteMail lists are created manually, and they are not updated automatically. We recommend uploading a new .csv file each time you want to send to the list.

How do I create a PoliteMail list?

We recommend creating a .csv file through a program like Excel with contact information for recipients.  Double check to make sure there is a header that is titled email in one of the columns.  Additional information can be added into other columns as well.


Save this list as a CSV file.


Navigate to Outlook > PoliteMail > Lists > Import > CSV


This will create a list to use via PoliteMail.

This list can be edited at any time by selecting PoliteMail > Lists > Double clicking the List.  Double click the contact from the list and adjust or add the necessary info in the pop-up windows.

list4 list5 list6

Select Save after adding or updating any information.


When sending out communications, double check to make sure that the PoliteMail lists are being utilized.

Open a new email and select PoliteMail > Send to List

Choose your PoliteMail list.


Successfully uploaded PoliteMail lists will have yellow flag logo next to them.