Using Outlook Distribution Lists

You may send to Outlook Distribution Groups and Lists, including local Distribution Lists of Outlook Contacts as well as Exchange and Active Directory Distribution Groups. For internal email, note the email addresses within the group/list must contain the recipient’s full SMTP address (e.g. NOT an internal Exchange reference as the address.

To send a tracked message to an Outlook distribution list:

  1. Open a New email message, and click To:.
  2. Find/select the distribution list you want from your Outlook Contacts folder or Global Address Book.
  3. Ensure the list name appears within the To: with a [+] symbol, select/check 1to1 with Tracking and Send.

To ensure 1to1 tracking when using a distribution list, the list name must appear within the To: with a plus symbol (e.g. [+] Listname). If your distribution group name or alias appears as if it were just a single email address (without the [+] symbol), then PoliteMail will not be able to send individually tracked messages to that list. if for any reason it is sent as one message (only 1 mail item goes into your outbox), you may click the [+] symbol to expand the list first, then send. If the distribution group appears without the [+] symbol, then it is likely a dynamic distribution group (members generated by Exchange/Active Directory). PoliteMail Corporate Accounts may send to individual members of dynamic lists when using Exchange07/10 with web services. You can determine how many messages were sent to a list by using Track Results > Messages and checking the number sent for that particular message (organized by send date and subject).