PoliteMail provides tools to help you manage your mailing lists. You can combine and merge lists, subtract lists, or split lists into pieces. If you can create list segments from the email metrics reports, you and use these operators in combination with the original list or other lists, to get the exact segmentation you are looking for.

Here’s how to use the Manage Lists tools:

  • Click Manage Lists from the PoliteMail toolbar.
  • Select/check the list name(s) you want to work with.
  • Use Actions and select any of the following list management options:
    • Combine: Merge multiple lists into one list.
    • Split: Break a list into several smaller lists.
    • Select In-Common: Create a new list of only the contacts who are on all selected lists.
    • Select Un-Common: Create a new list of only the contacts on one of the selected lists.
    • Subtract: Create a new list by removing the contacts on one list from another list.