To add navigation links from your newsletter table of contents to the articles within your email newsletter, you will want to create an internal link (also known as an Outlook Bookmark or HTML tag).

Note that the PoliteMail newsletter templates will already include bookmarks, which you may reuse simply by editing – or replace or fix using the instructions below. You may need to fix internal links which no longer link to the correct location as a result of copying or moving articles which include an existing bookmark/ tag, or if you replaced or edited the link reference in the table of contents.

Use the Outlook Bookmark feature to add internal within the page links, so recipients can jump from a link at the top of the email to an article within the body of the message.  Note that internal link clicks are not tracked by PoliteMail.

You can create internal links in Outlook HTML email messages using Outlook’s standard Bookmark feature.
1. Place the cursor at the location in the page where you want the link to take you.

2. Use Outlook > Insert > Bookmark tool

3. Type in the name of your Bookmark, then click the Add button

4. To remove bookmarks, select them in the list, and click the Delete button

Now that you have created the proper bookmarks, now you have to create links to go to them.

1. Highlight the text you want to make into a link

2. Use Outlook > Insert > Hyperlink

3. In the left side panel under Link to:, click Place in This Document

4. Now select the bookmark location from the list, and click OK
You can test the link within Outlook, by holding down the Ctrl Key and clicking the link (Ctrl+click).