Sending tracked PoliteMail messages changes the standard Outlook/Exchange send process.

Our tracking process adds 0.015 sec per message, depending upon system configuration
(this time is based upon a limited configuration, detailed below).

When sending to lists > 1,500, PoliteMail should be configured to send via the PoliteMail Server, and the PoliteMail Server will then be configured to deliver email via an SMTP connection to Exchange.

The standard Outlook send process is as follows:
User sends message to distribution group.
1. Message goes to the Outbox.
2. The message is delivered to Exchange.
3. Exchange gets the members of the distribution group, generates the individual messages and delivers to the recipients inbox.

The PoliteMail process operates as follows:
1. PoliteMail requests the members of the distribution list (from Exchange, or Exchange Web Services in the case of a dynamic distribution group).
2. PoliteMail Server generates the individually tracked messages and adds any personalization
3. PoliteMail delivers the message to Exchange via SMTP
4. Exchange delivers the individual message to the recipients inbox

Sending to a Dynamic Distribution list with 10,000 members took 154 seconds ( 2 minutes and 34 seconds with the following VM environments.

Exchange 2007 Server with 3GB
PoliteMail v3 Server with 2GB
SQL Server Express 2008 with 1GB
Outlook 2010 with 1GB