Track Results with PoliteMail Email Metrics – Know Who Opens & Clicks!

After sending your tracked PoliteMail messages, you will be able to see results within the Recent Interactions panel and the Email Metrics reports.

If you have the PoliteMail panel open next to your inbox, you can monitor this interactivity in real-time. This panel automatically updates about every 3 minutes, with the most recent interactions at the top in yellow, which fade to white and then gray as they get older. Use the Recent Interactions > Refresh option to get the latest information.  Also see Understanding Interactions

Track Outlook Email Opens and Clicks in Real-Time

To see total results, use PoliteMail > Track Results to view the Email Metrics Reports for your send(s).

  1. Use PoliteMail > Track Results
  2. In the Messages tab, double-click the message to run the email metrics report
  3. Drill down into any metric, by clicking on the underlined numbers
  4. Export your report using the Excel or Word links at the top right of the report