Is your Outlook email being received with images as file attachments, including some images that should not be in the email, or duplicate images?

Unfortunately Outlook handles images pasted (or inserted via Outlook’s Insert Picture command) into the email as file attachments. This doesn’t show up when sending to other Outlook users, but does show as attachments when sending to web mail clients (such as Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail) or smart phones.

When you replace or delete images, Outlook keeps the old images temporarily embedded in the email. However, when you save this file as a template, all those image attachments get included, which is why you may see old image versions as file attachments. If you continue to use the previous email from your Sent items folder or PoliteMail template as your starting point, those file attachments will still be included.

To resolve the image attachment issue. Here’s what you do:

  1. Open the email, select-all (Ctrl-A) and copy (Ctrl-C).
  2. Start a new email message, and paste (Ctrl-V).
    This action will clear out those unused image attachments.
  3. Now select the image, and use the PoliteMail > Add Graphic Image command, find the image on your desktop, and load it.
    This action will replace the embedded image with an image referenced from the PoliteMail server, with the added benefit of making your email size smaller and faster.
  4. Add a subject line, and include the word [TEMPLATE] at the beginning of the subject line.
  5. Now use PoliteMail > Save As Template. This will put a copy of the clean message in your template library. Use this template to create a new version of the next email, instead of the sent item.
  6. Now remove the [TEMPLATE] from the subject line.
  7. Test the result using PoliteMail > Preview/Test Send and sending to your Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail account (see, no attachments!).
  8. Now go ahead and send to your list (with 1to1 with Tracking selected).

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