Editing or Importing Your Own HTML

If you or your designer/agency builds your HTML pages in Dreamweaver or another web page editor, you may paste or import those files into Outlook.  Note however, that coding HTML for email does require using basic page structures and older, non-modern coding techniques.  Once your HTML code is loaded into the Outlook editor, Outlook adds its own RTF compatibility code.  If your code references image files local to your system, you may select each image (gray box) in the Outlook editor and use PoliteMail > Add Graphic Image to upload and re-reference the images.

There are some basic HTML coding rules to follow for Outlook editor compatibility.  Following these rules also ensures your email renders/displays well in most other email programs (although some web email programs will insert extra line breaks after every table).

  1. Use Table structures, not Divs or CSS to control page layout. Do not float elements.
  2. Use inline styles in tables, rows, cells and paragraphs, not CSS, to control background colors, fonts, padding and margins.
  3. Do not use background images. Do use alt, width and height on all image references.
  4. Any adjoining table cells must contain the same identical padding.
  5. Use span tags to define text and font styles, or place in the table cell <td> closest to their use.
  6. Fixed widths provide more consistent layouts than percentage widths.
  7. Be careful with nested tables and images within table cells. Outlook HTML rendering appears to breakdown with more than 3 nested elements or more than 3 images with alignment.

To import an HTML file into PoliteMail:
Open a New Outlook message.
PoliteMail > Import HTML File.
Browse to your file, click
Open, and the HTML file will be loaded into the Outlook editor.

To cut and paste, edit, or copy HTML from within the Outlook editor:

  1. Open a New Outlook message.
  2. Use PoliteMail > Edit HTML which switches the editor from a display view to a code view.
  3. Now open your HTML document and copy (Ctrl+C) then on the Outlook message, select all (Ctrl+A) and paste. Or you edit or copy the HTML.
  4. Click PoliteMail > Edit HTML to return the Outlook editor to display mode.