1to1 with Tracking

To send PoliteMail, you simply create and send email as you normally would in Outlook. There are only two things you need to do differently:

  1. Place everyone you want to send to into the To: field (including individual addresses, distribution groups and lists).
  2. Select PoliteMail’s 1to1 with Tracking checkbox before clicking Send.

When PoliteMail 1to1 with Tracking is selected, PoliteMail modifies how Outlook’s send process works, sending an individual email to each recipient in the To: and adding open and link tracking to each message. For every recipient in the To: field, including those within distribution groups and mailing lists, a message will be put into your Outbox, and the recipient will receive their own individual email message—exactly as if you had sent to each person, one at a time.

When 1to1 with Tracking is unchecked, Outlook sends as it normally would without PoliteMail.

Unchecking 1to1 with Tracking is essentially turning PoliteMail off; none of the PoliteMail features (individualized sending, personalization, opt-out link) will function, and no send credits are used.

With 1to1 with Tracking selected, recipients will see only their own email address in the To: field and will not see any other name or address you sent to. Unlike a Bcc:, this is not a bulk message. Do not use the Bcc: field with PoliteMail. Put everyone you want to send to into the To: field. Additionally, the Cc: field will not work as expected with 1to1 Tracking selected, as unfortunately a Cc: can not be tracked individually.

To send PoliteMail, check 1to1 with Tracking, place everyone (including individuals, distribution groups, and/or lists) into the To: field, and then click Send. Recipients will receive one individualized message addressed only to them, and only one item is stored in the Sent Items folder (pre-processed) to save space.