If you have sent a Smart Attachment, or a link, and need to update the file or the destination URL, and don’t want to resend the email, here’s how to do it.

Follow the instructions below, and then when your recipients click on the link you sent, they will now be directed to the new file or URL, instead of the old one.

To replace a Smart Attachment:

1. Start from the PoliteMail menu at the top of your inbox, and click Create Template, which will bring you in the PoliteMail Content Manager.

2. Now click on the Smart Attachments tab, and click the New button, browse to your updated file, and open/upload it.

3. You should see the file in the list, so single-click to select that item (highlight in blue) then single click on the URL field to edit (should change to white background with cursor). Then select all of the URL (Ctrl+A to select all), then copy it (Ctrl+C to copy).

4. Now, click on the Links tab (to the right of Smart Attachments), and browse or search for the smart attachment link you previously sent.

5. Once you find it, select it (highlighted in blue) then single-click the URL field to edit (white background with cursor). Now select all (Ctrl+A to select all) and then paste (Ctrl+V to paste). Press the Enter key to save.

Note: If you want to prevent access to a file or URL, you may use this same method, but simply erase the contents of URL field, and press Enter to save. Now when a recipient clicks the link, there will be no destination page.

Now when your recipients click the link you had sent, they will be redirected to download the updated file.

To update a Link URL:

1. Go to your new destination URL using your browser, and copy the correct URL.

2. Go to the Content Library then to the Links tab.

3. In the Links tab, browse or search for the link you previously sent.

4. Once you find it, select it (highlighted in green) then click Edit. Now replace the URL with the newly copied correct URL. Press the Enter key or Update to save.

Now when your recipients click the link you had sent, they will arrive at the new URL.