When sending using PoliteMail, you have the option of sending the email through you Outbox, or through the PoliteMail Server.

For distribution and mailing lists less than 2,500, the Outbox is a good option, although it will tie up Outlook and slow it down a bit while it is sending the messages. Outlook is able to send about 100 messages per minute.

When sending to distribution lists greater than 2,500, the sending via the PoliteMail Server is a better option. For corporate accounts sending internal communications, the PoliteMail Server may be configured to integrate with your Exchange Server, so that your email delivery stays in-house. The same could be done for external communications, however, some IT people feels that puts their primary email domain at risk of blacklisting from Spam compliants, and therefore opt to utilize a PoliteMail Mail Server instead.

Corporate Accounts can be set-up with a branded domain name, IP address and a white-listed mail server for improved deliverability. The whitelisting only remains in effect if you send good quality email. If your email is detected to be of poor or questionable quality (e.g., high spam complaint rates, high bounce rates, spam blocklist compliants, not enabling opt-out, or abusive content), PoliteMail may temporarily or permanently reduce your permitted send volume, move your account to a non-whitelisted mail server, or take other action as deemed appropriate.

Retail accounts may send via the PoliteMail Mail Servers as well, and have the option to set-up their own account on Amazon SES as a low-cost, high-volume whitelisted email server which the PoliteMail can integrate with.

With PoliteMail you may send email messages up to 10 MB in size. This includes any embedded images and file attachments that are part of the message.

When sending via the PoliteMail Server uses in-house anti-spam/anti-virus technologies to filter email messages containing poor-quality content and prevent them from being sent.

Whether sending via your Outbox or via a PoliteMail Mail server, spam compliants are your responsibility. If you are sending via your Outbox, you should an an abuse@yourdomain.com email address active in order to recieve any Spam Feed Back Loop requests. When sending via the PoliteMail Mail Server, PoliteMail handles those spam Feed Back Loop complaints, and will notify you. If you are sending email to recipients who did not provide you with permision to do so, you always run the risk of getting a spam compliant. It is not common, but if you are blatantly spamming, it is likely to happen. Minor complaints via FBL are not a problem until they pass a certain volume theshold. Major blocklist type complaints (via SpamCop or SpamHaus) may result in an additional charge from us for removal. See the PoliteMail Terms of Service on our website for more information.

Please note that when initially sending via a whitelisted mail server, the new account must be ‘warmed-up’ prior to sending large volumes of email. This process is designed to ensure that only quality email is being sent via these servers. Using these limits to steadily ‘ramp up’ your sending activity helps you improve your deliverability.

Total warm-up period: 2 weeks to 1 month
Initial maximum send rate: 5 per second
Initial maximum volume: 1,000 per 24-hours

After 3 days: (must hit maximum during this period to move to next level)
Send rate: 10 per second
Volume 10,000 per 24-hours

After 10 days: (must hit maximum during this period to move to next level)
Send rate: 50 per second
Volume: 10,000 per 24-hours

After 2 weeks: (must hit maximum during this period to move to next level)
Send rate: 90 per second
Volume: 100,000 per 24-hours

One month: (must hit maximum during this period to move to next level)
Send rate: 90 per second
Volume: 500,000 per 24-hours