FAQ – Create list for follow-up email (v4.6 and up)

Q – Is there a way to send a follow-up email to those who have not opened a tracked email? A – Yes, if individual tracking was used when the message was sent. Open the metrics report for the email that you want to create a follow-up list for. Click on the link desired for […]

FAQ – Stopping an Email in Progress – 4.6 and above

Q – Can I stop an email that is in progress of being sent? A – Yes, if it was sent via the PoliteMail Server and is still in progress. Your Server Connection must be set to Send Email via PoliteMail Server for this to work. Starting and stopping the SMTP server will affect all […]

Get Recipient Count – New to version 4.6 and above

This new feature will allow users to verify the total number of recipients before sending a tracked email. If the count does not seem correct, users can check the distribution lists being sent to and make sure that everyone is included. Like the Preflight test send  – this is a great tool to check before […]

FAQ – Saving a sent email as a PDF – Version 4.6 and above

Q – Can a PoliteMail sent message be saved as a PDF (for posting on-line, printing, etc.)? A – Yes, by following the steps below using the sent email. Please note that you should always work with the sent message from the sent folder, to utilize the message before the PoliteMail server has processed and […]

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