Adding a Simple Survey or Poll

PoliteMail has a function that allows you to include a simple survey or poll in a tracked message when using Individual or Anonymous tracking. Simple survey types include 5 star ratings, mood type, yes or no, or multiple choice selections.  Here’s how: From the PoliteMail ribbon click on Feedback Select which type of survey you would […]

Adding Images to a message

PoliteMail makes it easy to use and reuse graphic images within your messages with the Add Image function. By using PoliteMail’s Add Image function, you will keep your messages small and they will process quickly. The images are stored on the PoliteMail Server and referenced within the message. For a list of acceptable file formats see this article. […]

Saving and Reusing Paragraphs

With the Save Paragraph function in PoliteMail you can save paragraphs, and easily pull them into new messages without having to retype the content. Here’s how: Within the message that contains the paragraph, select the paragraph text With the paragraph selected, right click and choose Save Paragraph The paragraph will be saved and appear in […]

Adding and using Outlook Bookmarks

The Outlook bookmark feature can be used to link teasers or snippets of content to the full content later in the message. When using bookmarks, also called internal links,  these links will not be tracked by PoliteMail. Here’s how: First, you will want to create the Bookmarks which are the places you want to be […]

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