What is the difference between Engaged read rate and Engagement rate?

In order to best explain the Engaged read rate, below are descriptions of all the read rates, although they appear in different places on the metrics report. Note that any email viewed in the Outlook preview pane is also considered an open. Ignored = Any opened email for less than 3 seconds Skimmed = Any […]

Stopping an email message in progress

Your Server Connection must be set to Send Email via PoliteMail Server for this to work. Starting and stopping the SMTP server will affect all PoliteMail users. If other users have emails in progress, they will be stopped also. This process should only be used under extreme circumstances and requires Admin rights in PoliteMail. Go […]

Check your audience size before sending by using Get Recipient Count

Check your audience size by verify the total number of recipients included. Like the Preflight Test Send  – this is a great tool to check before sending a tracked email. To check the recipient count of an email message: With the email message window open, go to the Message tab From the PoliteMail Flag > Get Recipient […]

Exporting PoliteMail mailing lists

To export a PoliteMail Mailing List: Go to the PoliteMail >Lists Select the list for export by clicking the box in the first column From the Actions drop down menu choose export all Select Save This will bring up a save file dialog box. Choose the location, filename and file format. The default file type is an […]

Changing an Image or Smart Attachment after a message is sent

This process will work whether or not the email has been opened. To change an Image or Smart Attachment after a tracked message has been sent: Go to the PoliteMail tab > Content > Images > Smart Attachments Select the Image or Smart Attachment that needs to change and select Actions > Replace     Note: This […]

Changing a URL on a sent message

To change a URL after a tracked message has been sent: Navigate to Outlook > Politemail > Content > Links Select the Link Select the Edit button Scroll to the URL column and make any necessary changes by clicking into the field and editing the existing link.       Select Update to save the change. Any recipient that opens […]

Adding, replacing and deleting users

Note: To perform any of these tasks, you must have Admin privileges.  If you are not an Admin, please contact your local Administrator for assistance. To add, delete, or replace a user there are a few simple steps to follow.  However before taking any action, we recommend double-checking the number of licenses you have available […]

Adding calendar invites to a tracked message

To insert an Outlook calendar Meeting invite as a Smart Attachment: Open your Outlook Calendar> New Meeting Add all details, date, time etc. As the meeting creator, this will only work once the meeting invitation has been sent to at least one person. Send the email to yourself and verify that it appears on your Outlook […]

Saving a sent message as a PDF

Please note that you should always work with the sent message from the sent folder, to utilize the message before the PoliteMail server has processed and referenced the email. In the Sent Outlook folder, open the sent email to be saved as a PDF Click to place your cursor into the body of the email […]

Adding a Simple Survey or Poll

From the PoliteMail ribbon, select Feedback. Select which type of survey you would like to use. Type your question into the Question text box that pops up. Click Add. You will receive a pop up that asks if you would like to make the survey a poll. Select Yes or No. If using the poll function, the […]

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