Creating Message Templates, Saving and Using Email Templates

Saving and Reusing Email Templates Any message in your Outlook editor can be saved as a reusable template using the PoliteMail > Save As Template command. Templates are saved in the Content Library (panel to the lower right of your email editor) and can be reloaded into the Outlook editor by double-clicking the template name. […]

Running Campaign Reports

Running Campaign Reports Within Tracked Results are several tabs available for the different reporting options. The Campaigns tab displays the PoliteMail campaigns you can run reports on. This list shows the campaign name, number of email messages sent to that campaign, number of recipients sent to, and date of last send. To view the Campaign […]

What is the Open Rate?

The Open Rate is the total count of individual recipients with at least one confirmed open for the email sent. A confirmed open occurs when an individual recipient displays the content (downloads pictures) of your email message, as measured using standard web page image tracking. The Open Rate is ratio of the count of unique […]

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