Edit Contact Information (from Mailing List)

Managing Mailing Lists How to Change/Edit/View Contact Information From a Mailing List You can edit contact information, change email addresses, add mailing addresses, phone numbers, notes and view a contact’s entire PoliteMail interaction history from the contact profile record. From the Manage Lists page, double-click the list name to view/edit/add contacts on the list. Single-click […]

Delivered Metric

Understanding Your Email and Campaign Metrics What is the Delivered metric? The Delivered count is the total sent minus the undeliverables, sometimes referred to as a delivery rate. Despite the name, and much like Outlook’s own delivery receipt option, this metric does not indicate if the email was actually delivered into the recipient’s inbox or […]

Editing or Importing Your Own HTML

Editing or Importing Your Own HTML If you or your designer/agency builds your HTML pages in Dreamweaver or another web page editor, you may paste or import those files into Outlook.  Note however, that coding HTML for email does require using basic page structures and older, non-modern coding techniques.  Once your HTML code is loaded […]

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