FAQ – Inserting Videos in tracked messages – 4.6 and above

Q – Can I insert a video in a tracked email? A – Yes, you can add a video thumbnail and link the playable video. Outlook doesn’t currently allow video to play within an email, but you can use the “Add Image” function to add an image (playable video image) and link the image to a […]

FAQ – Preflight Test Send – 4.6 and above

Q – Can an email message be tested before sending it to a large group of recipients? A – Yes, we recommend using our Preflight Test Send feature. The Preflight Test Send feature allows users to test a completed message prior to sending. Users can check the design and flow on both desktop and mobile, […]

FAQ – Does PoliteMail have a delayed send feature? – Scheduled Send – 4.6 and above

Q – Does PoliteMail have a delayed send feature? A – Yes, it is called a Scheduled Send. The Scheduled Send feature in PoliteMail allows users to schedule a tracked message to be sent at a future date and time. The message gets sent from Outlook and is then held on the PoliteMail Server and […]

FAQ – Deleting old or not used templates – Version 4.6 and above

Q – Is it OK to delete old templates and if so, how? A – Yes, you can. Since your sent email messages are stored via your Outlook Outbox, deleting templates will not remove previously sent messages. You may want to check that the template(s) has not been shared/or is not in use by other […]

Workaround – Outlook 2016 – Templates not holding font – size, style or color – version 4.7

Q – I just updated to Outlook 2016 and my font changes aren’t saving with my template/email message. Why? A – There has been a change to Microsoft Outlook html code in Outlook 2016. See below for workaround. If you are using Outlook 2016 with PoliteMail you may notice that certain font style revisions such as font […]

FAQ – Updating Metrics Reports – Version 4.7 July 2107 and later

Q – When I click on update in a metric report nothing is happening, am I doing something wrong? A – No, please see the following change to the behavior for updating metric reports. In the latest shipping release of PoliteMail, we’ve added a new functionality that will change the status of the report to […]

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