Adding, replacing and deleting users

Q – Can I delete a user and add a new one? A – Yes, if you have Admin privileges. First let’s check how many of your active licenses are assigned to users and if you will be adding or replacing a user. From the Outlook main window click on the PoliteMail tab From the […]

Adding calendar invites to a tracked message

Q – Can an Outlook calendar invite be added to a tracked message? A – Yes, however PoliteMail cannot insert an invite directly from the Outlook calendar, so use the steps below. To insert an Outlook calendar Meeting invite as a Smart Attachment: Open your Outlook Calendar Click New Meeting Add all details, date, time […]

Saving a sent message as a PDF

Q – Can a PoliteMail sent message be saved as a PDF (for posting on-line, printing, etc.)? A – Yes, by following the steps below using the sent email. Please note that you should always work with the sent message from the sent folder, to utilize the message before the PoliteMail server has processed and […]

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