What is the Effective Rate?

What is the Effective Rate?   The Effective Rate metric is an indicator of interest in your email and a measure of how effective it was at causing reader to take an action. The Effective Rate is calculated as the ratio of total interactions to confirmed opens.

Adding or Removing HTML Template Elements

Add or Remove Template Elements Templates expand or shrink to fit your content. In many cases, you can simply select, copy/cut and paste to add and remove elements within the template. While the Outlook editor provides some table tools, it is not an HTML page layout program; therefore, editing layouts can be a trial and […]

Adding or Changing Links in HTML Templates

Add or Change Links Links within pre-designed templates are placeholders only, with no destination URLs.  To create an active link you may type or paste the link URL directly into the text, or to create a text link such as Click here, simply select the text (or image) you want to make into a link […]

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