Images not scaling within templates

If you are using a PoliteMail template and images are not scaling while the text and table are, you can use the mo_re100% fix that allows the images to scale with text and table. To fix, add “mo_re100%” (without quotes) to the alt text of the image. Right click the image and click format picture […]

Why does my email have images as file attachments?

Is your Outlook email being received with images as file attachments, including some images that should not be in the email, or duplicate images? Unfortunately Outlook handles images pasted (or inserted via Outlook’s Insert Picture command) into the email as file attachments. This doesn’t show up when sending to other Outlook users, but does show […]

Adding Graphics and Pictures to Outlook Messages

PoliteMail makes it easy to use and reuse graphic images within your email messages, while keeping your list mailings small and fast. If you paste an image in, or use Outlook’s insert picture command it will work, but the email size will increase, which will slow the send process down, particularly to large lists. Here’s […]

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