Updating metrics reports

We’ve added functionality that will change the status of the report to “Updating” when the report is getting updated. When you first open a report – you will see a line like below: When you click on Update – you will see a line like below: Note: This new window may not react while it […]

What is the difference between Engaged read rate and Engagement rate?

In order to best explain the Engaged read rate, below are descriptions of all the read rates, although they appear in different places on the metrics report. Note that any email viewed in the Outlook preview pane is also considered an open. Ignored = Any opened email for less than 3 seconds Skimmed = Any […]

PoliteMail Metrics Glossary

Metrics Glossary Sent -Total recipients message was addressed to [count of members in list(s)] Devices – Unique devices tracked (devices identified via browser agent) Impressions – Total number of all previews/opens (non-unique, total open count) Undeliverables – Hard bounces (returned to a mailbox PoliteMail is monitoring) Does not work with Aggregate trackingOut of OfficeOut-of-office replies […]

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