Updating metrics reports

Q – When I click on update in a metric report nothing is happening, am I doing something wrong? A – No, please see the following change to the behavior for updating metric reports. We’ve added functionality that will change the status of the report to “Updating” when the report is getting updated. When you […]

What is the difference between Engaged read rate and Engagement rate?

Q – What is the difference between Engaged read rate and Engagement rate? In order to best explain the Engaged read rate, below are descriptions of all the read rates, although they appear in different places on the metrics report. Note that any email viewed in the Outlook preview pane is also considered an open. […]

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions – v4.5

PoliteMail Metrics Definitions Sent Total recipients message was addressed to [count of members in list(s)] Devices Unique devices tracked (devices identified via browser agent) Impressions Total number of all previews/opens (non-unique, total open count) Undeliverables Hard bounces (returned to a mailbox PoliteMail is monitoring) Does not work with Aggregate tracking Out of Office Out-of-office replies […]

Export Email Metrics Reports for Outlook 2003

When exporting the email metrics reports, PoliteMail utilizes the latest Microsoft docx file formats. For Office Outlook 2003 users, install the Microsoft compatibility pack in order for these report exports to work. Click here to download the Microsoft Compatibility Pack

What is the Active Metric?

What is the Active Metric? The Active metric is the count of recipients who have at least one open confirmation or response (click, reply or forward) to a message sent to this list, within the last 90-days. To be considered Active, you must have sent email to the contact within the last 180 days. Active […]

Running List Reports

Running List Reports Within Track Results are several tabs available for the different reporting options. The Mailing Lists tab displays the PoliteMail mailings lists you can run reports on. This list shows the list name, number of contacts on each list, number of email messages sent to that list, date of last send, subscription status […]

Out of Office Metric

Out of Office emails are messages that have auto-replied to the sender indicating the email was delivered, but the recipient is unlikely to read the email until they return to the office.

Email Sent Metric

Understanding Your Email and Campaign Metrics Reports What is the Email Sent metric? Email Sent is the actual number of emails sent to individual recipients. This is the actual number of email messages put into the Outlook Outbox (or sent via the PoliteMail mail server).

Delivered Metric

Understanding Your Email and Campaign Metrics What is the Delivered metric? The Delivered count is the total sent minus the undeliverables, sometimes referred to as a delivery rate. Despite the name, and much like Outlook’s own delivery receipt option, this metric does not indicate if the email was actually delivered into the recipient’s inbox or […]

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