What is the Opt-Out Rate?

The Opt-out Rate is the ratio of opt-outs to total email delivered. A recipient is counted as an opt-out when your recipient clicks your opt-out link and completes the opt-out or unsubscribe action. .

Opt-Out Management

Managing Opt-Outs Recipients who click the opt-out link to stop receiving all commercial email from your email domain will be marked with an opt-out icon . Recipients who opt-out from a specific subscription list (unsubscribe) will be removed from that list only, indicated by an unsubscribe interaction icon , will be counted within reports, but […]

Export Opt-Out/Suppression List

You may export your list of all opt-outs (sometimes called a suppression list) for use with other programs. Click Manage Lists from the PoliteMail toolbar. Click the Opt-out tab. Use Export, select your format and enter a file name and location to save it to.

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